About Bigelows

Bigelow Nurseries, Inc., founded in 1915, is a thriving third generation company located in central Massachusetts. With the addition of our new farms, we own and are growing material on over 700 acres in Northboro, Boylston, Sterling and Charlton. Our offices, shipping and holding yards, and Garden Center are located at our Northboro location, a location where we have been since 1921. Here we maintain the country’s largest B&B holding areas for trees and shrubs as well as a large sales yard for potted shrubs, perennials, roses, vines, annuals and groundcovers.

We offer literally thousands of plant varieties and take great pride and enjoyment in our craft. We also have grown a wonderful selection of both woody and herbaceous native plants for generations, as they have always been a particular favorite of the family. We also take very seriously our role in stewarding soil and water resources, and our educational role in the use of plant material. We understand that environmental responsibility is inherent in our role as horticulturists.

Bigelow Nurseries, Inc. is a very strong and involved supporter of the Green Industry at the state, regional and national levels. Members of the Bigelow family have been nursery association presidents at all levels and continue to serve on legislative, research and environmental boards within the industry. Many members of our staff also have served on nursery association boards, including as state president and MCH chair, and we continue to encourage this activity

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