We take great care to see that only plants in great condition and true to name leave our nursery.  We also want to provide our customers with all the information they need to have happy thriving plant material.  The future growth and success of plants depends on proper planting, care, and maintenance.  Proper planting instructions and care information is always available in our garden center.  We also pride ourselves on an exceptionally qualified staff, including many Massachusetts Certified Horticulturists that can answer your questions and concerns.

Trees and shrubs are guaranteed to live for one year from date of purchase as written on the receipt you receive when you purchase the plants. Claims will not be considered without this receipt. If the exact plant that is being replaced is not available, the guarantee may be used for credit for other trees or shrubs up to the dollar amount of the plant being replaced only.   Most problems appear within the first month or so and are easily solved with a bit of cultural adjustment.  Please call or come into the garden center at the FIRST sign of a problem.  More complete information regarding our guarantee is on the back of our warranty receipts and always available from sales personnel.

Not covered under our Guarantee

  1. Herbaceous perennials, roses, marginally hardy material (designated as zone 6 or higher),  Live Christmas trees, groundcover, house plants, and annuals
  2. Plants that miss a blooming cycle
  3. Replacement plants
  4. Plants that were not planted, watered and maintained in a timely manner
  5. Plants destroyed by animals, cars, destructive people, lawn mowers  or the like

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