Spring is Here and so is our new Site

This is very exciting! A new Website and blog to be able to chat with folks each week. Late spring is the busiest time of the year for us, especially this year since we essentially lost the first 6 weeks of spring to winter! Blooms have never lasted longer-one doesn’t often see Magnolias still in bloom when the flowering crabs start blooming, and the sun has managed to stay out for four days in a row! Soil has stayed wetter and cooler than usual and we have cautioned our eager gardeners to wait to plant “hot crops” until the soil warmed up a bit. This includes your tomatoes, peppers, squash, cukes, pumpkins, and definitely basil.

As you peruse the yard planning your next corner, wait before ripping out any of the broadleafs that are looking a bit haggard. Winter was tough and many, even those well established plants burnt with the bitter winds in March. This is one time procrastination is a good thing! If the wood, stems, are still green, the plant will push out new growth and you will have saved an established root system-and save yourself from digging any more holes!

Enjoy this great season! Plant something-or many somethings! Just leave time to stand back and enjoy your work!

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